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A DocFinder User Patient

After multiple failed surgeries in Saudi Arabia and Canada, I found Dr Kuehhas through a forum. I went to Vienna and I had the stage surgery in Sep 2017. I'm now 13 months post surgery. Very very pleased with the outcome. Penis is completely straight and functionality is even more better. Kuehhas is personable and skillful. Highly recommended!

Max Mustermann Regisseur

I found about Dr. Kühhas through a mutual friends. At the first consultation I was pleased with the attention and professionalism he treated me. Our second meeting was on the day of the surgery. Dr. Kühhas came to see me and tlak to me. He did his best to make me feel calm and comfortable. The surgery was successful. The days after we met every day, and durcing the recovery period I was able to contact him at any time. He is very frindly and professional and I know I can trust him. Now I am starting to enjoy my life

Max Mustermann Regisseur

I have suffered from a congenital penile curvature for all my life. I found Dr Kuehhas through an online forum and it was the best decision in my life to visit him in Vienna. My surgery was performed almost 2 months ago, I have visited the man for a follow up yesterday. My penis is straight and I am more than grateful to Dr Kuehhas. My experience with him was outstanding. Thank you for changing my life Dr Kuehhas!


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